More Confirmation- Ode to Sasha Lubin

This past Monday I accompanied my friend to the vet to give her and her cat companion Sasha some support.  Sasha had been her companion for 13 years after being diagnosed with cancer a few months ago her health declined and my friend had to make the decision to put her to sleep.  Being an animal lover and having a cat companion myself I knew being at my friend’s side was the right thing to do, not just as a friend but also as a Reiki practitioner.  I had sent Sasha some Reiki a couple times to help comfort her and it was only fitting that I should be there in a moment like this.  Understandably both my friend and Sasha were nervous at the vet but after about 2 mins of Reiki they both seemed to relax and I knew and felt that they both knew that it was the best decision. Nothing could have prepared me for that feeling when Sasha took her last breath and feeling my friend break down.  But I knew that I had to keep focused and keep channeling Reiki to them both and to accept that this is part of life….part of the process.  I am human though and being and Empath as well, the overwhelming emotions from my friend in addition to loving animals (particularly cats) did make me cry a little but in that moment I knew that this was part of what I am meant to be doing in life–helping animals and humans heal.  So to Sasha Lubin, I am grateful for your life and for allowing me to share your last breath and I know that you are well and your spirit is at Peace.  And to my friend of 26 years of friendship I send you lots of Love and Light!

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