Dream Big; Take a Step

IMG_20180215_184820668_LLAs I am about to pour a glass of wine for myself this evening I realize that the glass I have in my hand says “Dream Big”.  It’s a glass hand painted by me.  I painted it a few months ago when I felt the urge to paint glasses.  Sure I doubted myself and my ability to do it and I thought about what others would think of it.  But with some encouragement from my friend I decided to give it a try.  Not knowing that this small step would lead to a basket of ideas and some very big dreams. Now for those who know me personally and know my story (to be shared soon) they know that even daring to dream under my circumstances was a huge shift for me.  Today I am here on my own website taking steps towards one of those dreams of starting my own business that is intended to touch the lives of many.  I am here sharing my words and thoughts out in the open!  I don’t know where the journey will lead but I can tell you this, just the fact that I was able to dream despite certain circumstances and that I took one step towards a dream I am now dreaming even bigger and taking even bigger steps.  So please continue to dream (BIG) and take a step towards your dreams today.

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