Reassurance Is Always There

featherYesterday morning I woke up feeling a little low in energy and vibes and I started questioning whether I was on the right path.  Despite all the repetitive angel numbers I see every single day and all day that assure me that I am doing well, I REALLY needed an extra sign.  About mid-morning an old friend contacted me inquiring about Reiki and said she wanted to give it a try.  After a few questions about why she wanted to have a session we agreed that we would confirm later on in the week the date of her appointment.  After speaking with her my spirits were immediately lifted because if anything just the thought of being in a position to help someone heal was enough confirmation for me.  But wait! I went into the kitchen to do meal prep and while I was thanking God and thanking the Universe and my Guardian Angels (I say thanks to everyone) out loud I looked down at the burner I was just about to light and found a small feather!  And that is when I was reminded that we always have reassurance around us. We just have to believe it and to look for it.  My hope for you is that you feel your reassurance and if you’re having some difficulty with that, ask out loud for it and be open to where it will come from.  Sending you lots of love and light tonight!

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