Importance of Grounding & Balance

Two weekends ago a friend visited from out of town.  Prior to her arrival I had established somewhat of a daily morning routine of doing a short workout followed by some stretching, tree poses and thanking the cardinal points.  I also spent some parts of my nights either reading something, writing, watching Food Network, listening to Abraham Hicks recordings and making an effort to wake up in my “Vortex” everyday.

I have to admit that a few days before she arrived I did feel this urge to get some energy work done on myself but I figured my grounding work would suffice. Well, spoiler alert: it did not! And this is what happened!
A very fun filled, lack of sleep weekend happened and Monday arrived and it was time to go to work. Monday night should have been the reset night but c’mon we still have to catch up.  Tuesday at 2:20am I woke up very sick! Fever, a cloudy head and feeling absolutely drained! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday more of the same. Of course zero grounding activity has taken place since the day before she arrived and I feel like this now sinus infection is just getting worse.  On Saturday, my fiancé is driving my friend to the airport. I am in the front passenger seat with an open container of West Indian Corn soup and the next thing I know brakes are slammed and yup, you guessed it, corn soup all over my face and clothes. Well, I lost it! I screamed at my fiancé and had an absolute meltdown. I felt the tears come to my eyes and I just wanted to break down. I kept it together, but still sitting in corn soup which now looks like puke I realized that this was the result of not making time for myself, forgoing my grounding exercise and not creating boundaries. I apologized to my fiancé (and my friend) and bless his heart he took it all in good stride, also understanding that the outburst was totally out of character for me.
Sitting in a car with hot corn soup all over me was an eye opener and such a wonderful reminder that self care is of absolute importance.  I am still recovering from the sinus infection but I am so grateful for the lessons learned. And so I ask you to enjoy life but remember to take time to ground and aim to create balance in everything you do. Stay true to your higher self and take care of yourself!

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