5 Minute Grounding Meditation

Hello Loves!  I have been getting prompts for almost 6 months to record a meditation and well, now, here it is! This meditation comprises of affirmations that I found helped me during a major change in 2018. Getting married, moving to a new space (with my mother in law in that space), my cat Sylvie having to readjust to a new and more restricted lifestyle, a new and longer commute which now included taking a train…..it was a lot! And I turned to Meditation.  I tried apps and pointers from articles but I found by just repeating these lines on a daily basis for just 5 mins started making a huge difference in how I handled my day! So today I wish to share this with the hope that it helps you deal with whatever situation you are currently in…..and even if you just need to continue being grounded.  With so much love and light I now share the below video and link!


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