I will hold space for you.

Sometimes it can get very frustrating to see others self destruct, particularly when it’s those we really care about. We make lots of suggestions, all with good intentions, yet we see our loved ones repeating the same patterns.  Why can’t they just do the work?! Truth is not everyone is ready to do the work-meaning, they haven’t realized that they need to do work and if they have recognized a need to do work, when the actual work begins and gets tough, they don’t want to put in the effort.  And you know what, it’s okay. We can just love and accept them as they are because in this situation there is really nothing else you can do. Hold a space of love, compassion and Empathy for them until they get to the point where they can do it for themselves. If you’re operating in the capacity of a Healer then keep holding that healing space for them. A gentle reminder though, set healthy boundaries with them because the last thing you need or want is to get caught up in drama and erase all the work that YOU have done.

I am accepting of where others are in life.

I am creating healthy boundaries.

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