Similar but not the Same.

We may be in similar situations with others but we are not the same as others. We are each unique in our own way. Therefore how we deal with obstacles, though the approach may be similar, it is not the same. What makes us unique is our own individual approach to life and how we handle what comes our way.  This will NEVER be the same for someone else. For instance, while we may be able to empathize with someone we will never truly be able to feel exactly what that person is feeling. And that’s okay. It was designed to be this way because you and your unique point of view-the real you-the true you is needed. And if we insist on believing that we are exactly the same as someone else, then we might just be placing ourselves at a disadvantage, limiting ourselves. So go ahead, empathize, be kind and supportive  and always act from a place of love, but remember to remain unapologetically, authentically, beautifully YOU. 


I am authentically, unapologetically, beautifully myself!


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