Honor Your Inner Child.

I am honoring my inner child.

As we get older it gets pretty easy to lose the wonder, excitement and hope we had when we were children. For some this may have been taken away from us at an early age by others and for others as the responsibilities of life piled up, the worry about being secure in the future began. Yes, there is a long list of things that needs to get done but are you taking life a bit too seriously and not allowing yourself to enjoy the fruit of your labor?  Are you appreciating the simple pleasures and joys of life and are you laughing? Today let’s all make an effort to visit that little “me”, back to a time when we remember, even for a moment, of what childlike magic and wonder felt like, and let’s go out and enjoy being alive. 

**This topic may be a bit sensitive for some as not everyone had a  childhood of wonder. If you have suffered any trauma as a child or at any stage of your life, know that there are loving, kind, people who are willing and available to help you heal and work towards experiencing joy.**

#healing #joy

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