Here’s to endings and beginnings!

Last days of 2019. End of a decade. It’s being plastered all over that you probably had no choice but to think about it-even just a little.  See, in the past year I have learnt to recognize that life is made up of little moments and I have tried my best to focus on living *in* each moment-in the present-and fully experiencing it. But when there is such a “hype” or collective energy around the end of something and the beginning of something, there is no denying that it becomes a bit powerful. So by all means, if you haven’t done a review of your year and your last decade by now, make some time to do so. Look how far you have come, see what you have accomplished and give thanks for that. Go ahead, list those goals for 2020 and for the next decade. Take a moment to recognize what and who needs to be released and gently release it (or them). Finally take some time to sit in silence to just ground yourself, to get centered, so that as you leave the old energy behind, you are fully prepared and ready for all the new coming your way.  

May the last days of 2019 be kind to you and may 2020 and the next decade be full of wisdom, prosperity, joy, awareness, mindfulness, happiness, laughter and blessings for us all! 

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