Happy 2020?

Warning: If you have read my previous posts and have gotten used to them being always upbeat and motivating, this one may not come across as such. That’s because today I write with a very heavy heart. A very grateful heart but still heavy.

I don’t know about y’all but there’s alot going on in the world and it’s making me very sad. Maybe it’s the full moon coming up that has me all in the feels but I’m finding it very hard to keep up with social media or to be very chatty with people.  Also, my tolerance for certain complaints and certain behavior is VERY low. Because, well, forests are burning, people are dying, leaders are tossing words of war around in power trips, children are hungry…… It’s just too much going on and it’s causing me to go within (as the true crab/cancer I am) to figure out what part *I* can play to help. Reiki. Prayers. Good intentions. Donations. Raising awareness. Just some of the things we ALL can do…at least one of them. So while we’re out here busy trying to live our “best lives” and making sure we get the right “shot” to prove it, let’s dig a little deeper and show UP for the world instead of showing OFF to the world. 

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