Let the Petty Things Go

So easily we can let the little things, and big things bother us. I mean hey, we’re human. But it’s important to not hold on to things too much. Grudges, hurt, anger…..we need to acknowledge them, yes but we have to get to a space where we can let it go!

Someone cut you off in traffic? Let it go! That argument you had with your partner/friend? Let it go! The boss ‘did you wrong’ at work? Let it go! The list goes on…….

When you realize how valuable your time is and how big your destiny is, you will gain perspective and realize that all the petty (and not so petty things) you get upset about are so unimportant when compared to your bigger picture…your HIGHER PURPOSE!

Stop wasting your time!

Are you giving your energy to what’s really important?

May you find your purpose and realize how important each second in this life is.

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