A Quick Check-In

Wow, what a crazy past few weeks we have been having right?! I mean, who knew? First off, if you have been directly affected by being sick, or someone close to you being sick, or a loss of life, my sincere healing hugs go out to you.  I’m truly sorry you had to go through this.  How are you now?  How is everyone doing?  Are you at home? Are you an Essential Worker? (side note, I do believe that we all are essential workers) But are you one of the many who has had to go face this situation head on? The supermarket employees, the mail/parcel delivery workers, nurses, doctors, the awesome cleaners, and all the other people who go out every day and night to ensure that this world is still functioning. HOW ARE YOU? THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU.

Being at home has been a blessing for me.  I have had so much time to work on new projects, to focus on my spiritual growth and to focus on me.  I can sit here being thankful for this because, luckily I can still pay my bills and not have to worry about my next meal.  My husband still has his full time job (working from home though) and so we do have alot to be thankful for.  And so this is where I recognise that not everyone can say the same.  I saw a news clip yesterday of a long line outside a food bank and I was reminded how there are so many people suffering through this time.  And I know that no matter how much of a positive thinker you are, it becomes a very different situation when you have children to feed or a family who depends on you.

So what can we do collectively to help? I know that some of us still have salaries coming in…some have modified salaries (like me) but we can still help others.  Donate a few cans to your local food bank, donate online to a credible and reputable organisation. If you’re a healer, send healing energy out into the world. And just a a person, every day when we wake up, send out intentions of love to the world.

I know it is a rough time. I know. But I do believe we can get back on track.  We can learn to love and care. We can learn to open our hearts to others. We can learn to realize that no other person is greater than another and that in times like this, ANYONE can fall ill and pass away. We can learn the true meaning of equality.  And when we can finally go out into this world again, we can be assured that it will be a nicer place to enjoy!  This is my hope.

#hope #equality



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