True Change

“A leopard can’t change it’s spots” is usually followed up by “you just can’t change someone”. When the former phrase is used, it’s usually to make reference to say that someone can’t change. The truth is this: you definitely can’t change someone however someone can change, but only if they want to. The catch is, that person has to truly want change and they have to be willing to do the work to make the change. Their reason for changing has to truly mean something to them. You see, no matter how much we think someone needs to change, that person just won’t do it unless they’re ready, until something has shifted for them. It doesn’t matter how much the unchanged “thing” hurts themselves or others around them. It comes down to being aware-of one’s self. And one becomes aware by looking within. This is why true Change can only come from within. How it resonates with that person-the true self, and it’s all part of that person’s journey. You know that saying “everything happens when it’s time”? Honestly some people leave this Earth without ever getting to that point so the next time you find yourself getting frustrated with someone who isn’t changing or getting frustrated with yourself for not being able to change that person, remember this. The sooner you realize this, the smoother life and your interaction with that person will be. You can decide your interaction with that person. Do you need to set boundaries? In the meantime, all you can do is keep in tune with yourself (your true self) and set an example of living life in love and light.

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