Use your past as Fuel

No matter how bad the past was we can always use it to make a brighter future. My past was a bit messy and I can tell you that there were many people (family included) who had very little belief in me. But what matters is your belief in yourself. It can get tough if you’re constantly being told that you won’t amount to anything but those are lies. You deserve the very best just as much as anyone else. Dig deep, find a support system (there are lots of options) and believe that your past, your story, is what will actually be the key to your success. Use it as fuel, passion and drive to be the best version of yourself which will in turn help others around you become the best version of themselves!
Chin Up, Smile on!
-Rev. Connie Marie Hackshaw-Peters
*Ordained Metaphysical Minister
*Metaphysical Practitioner
*Reiki Master
*Life Purpose Coach

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