Did You Know? Ep. 1 Sending Good Vibes

Did you know that sending good vibes or love or good wishes to someone is basically you sending it out to yourself? Huh? What?! That’s right! Why is this so? Well, the thing is we’re all interconnected and part of each other and collectively we are part of the bigger energy life force! That’s pretty awesome! So basically whatever we wish for others is us wishing it for ourselves. Good or bad it’s definitely coming right back to us in some form or the other. So I wonder what it would look like if we could all just take a moment and with intention, send good vibes out to people (yes, even those we don’t like or we may not agree with) and see how that feels. If it’s proving to be a bit difficult, just go back to this thought: whatever you send out to someone is you sending it to yourself. Now, that’s motivation enough for me to send good wishes and good vibes! How about you?

#goodvives #energy #collectiveenergy #universallifeforce

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