I Wrote A Book!

This week has been such a whirlwind of emotions. Why? Well, I was able to release my first book! I set a realistic goal date for the release and was able to achieve it. On Tuesday March 31, 2021 I released “I Am (Already), a 21 Day affirmation ‘program”. Each Day is has a short reading on a particular topic and at the end of the reading there is a corresponding affirmation. Readers are encouraged after each reading to reflect a bit, and make a note of any thoughts and/or feelings that may have come up. (The print version actually has journalling space to write!) After 21 Days the reader is encouraged to write their own affirmations that best resonate with their true and highest self.

I posted the release information on Instagram and the moment I hit the send button I had an ‘OMG’ moment. Because as much as I knew the content was great, my old fears of will it be good enough crept in. After all, these readings and affirmations are based on things that I have had to deal with and work through, and the content is literally an open book-a glimpse into my life. Talk about vulnerability! But the good thing is this time around my new, healed self was able to quickly put those thoughts out of my head.

What really amazed me was the absolute overwhelming support from everyone. Wow! I mean, I have done my work where I know that I deserve it but I still was not prepared for the vibes and messages from people. I say this all the time to friends and clients, that we don’t need validation from sources outside ourselves but the human, physical side of me did accept the love and it felt good to get the support.

I am truly grateful for all the support thus far and I am fully enjoying the moment. The goal of releasing this book was to share some of the tools that helped me along my healing journey and if ONE person is inspired or helped by this, then yes! I am happy!

I Am (Already) is available in Kindle format and print version on Amazon!

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