Caribbean Women Rise Up

If you know me well, then you know that I am very passionate about helping others heal and helping them realize their true power.

As a woman who was born and raised in St. Lucia I am fully aware of the deep rooted trauma that exists in the Caribbean Region. I am aware of it because I have experienced it. My skin color didn’t save me from it, neither did my family name. So while we may be considered a melting pot of (different) cultures and skin colors, we share trauma.

Caribbean women carry so much “baggage” from generations before and we walk around holding it all in. Our culture has taught us to accept it, that it’s just “how it is”. And while this may have been the narrative for generations, I choose to believe that the time has come for things to change.

As much as there is trauma, the resilience and magic and power we possess is like no other. Our unique stories that only women from our region can truly feel and understand, is where our POW(HER) lies.

It’s time for Caribbean Women to step into their power and to re-gain our place in this world. Time to take up space! We have to recognize our wounds and make efforts to heal.

We have the tools, we just need the guidance to re-learn what we already knew. That Sun, Sea (salt), Fresh Air is in our blood.


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