Sunday ‘Church’-Heaven Please!

I grew up in the Catholic church setting and had to go to church every weekend. Whether it was a Sunday morning service or a Saturday evening mass, it was part of my life for as long as I could recall. One thing that I surely learned from an early stage was that if I didn’t follow all the rules of the Bible then I was going to hell when I died. Imagine the fear that I felt as a little girl believing that if I fibbed I would be burned in hell when I died.

Fast forward to a teenager and my early 20’s where the life that I lived was one filled with trauma. Trauma that was based on my childhood experiences and caused me to behave and act in certain ways. No matter how I tried I couldn’t stop the behavior. Surely I would be going to hell right?

By my 30’s I had stopped going to church. I tried to connect and identify with it but I could no longer resonate. The few times I did go, I just felt judged and still kept hearing about how hell was such a real place and all the burning that would happen. Something just didn’t feel right with this. How could an institution that preached about Love be so mean and judgmental? Why would it instill so much fear into people?

By the end of my 30’s I had started to understand the effects of trauma on an individual. What causes someone to sleep around while seeking love and validation in the ‘wrong’ places? What causes someone to do the same thing over and over again that causes them pain. If the church was right then surely this person would be going to hell at the end of their days right? That didn’t seem fair.

Already at a stage of spiritual growth and becoming a Reiki Master, my mind opened up to the idea of something different as an after life experience. It wasn’t until I completed my Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science that I really started to feel right about things when it comes to what happens to us after we leave this earth. You see the thing is, when we leave this world we simply enter into a the same vibration of where we left it. Until we come back into another lifetime. Yes, reincarnation. But that’s for another post. Basically, if you lived your life in a low vibration in this lifetime, being a miserable, sad, unhappy, committing acts of low vibrations, then when you die, you’re simply going to be in that same vibration. That’s the idea of hell!! You won’t actually be burning in flames but honestly, imagine you died and your soul is still unhappy, that might as well feel like burning! So, on the contrary if you lived this lifetime being positive and being a light and left on a high vibration, then when you leave this earth then your soul goes to a place of high vibration.

Having learned this it changed my perspective on things and made me realize that Heaven or Hell is really how we choose to live now. I wonder if people knew this would it make a difference in the choices we make? I do understand that each person’s journey is different and as we keep coming back in each lifetime we evolve some more (because that is THE ultimate purpose in life-TO BECOME AWARE) and I acknowledge that it won’t happen until each person does their own work ( healing, spiritual growth). But I would like to believe that if this knowledge was given to us at an earlier stage in life, then maybe we would all make an effort to live in a higher vibration? And how do we do that? By being kind to others, being kind to ourselves. Being kind to animals. Being kind to the planet. By recognizing that we are ALL connected and that by hurting others we are hurting ourselves. By recognizing that God is not only around us but WITHIN us. By learning how to connect to God through Meditation and Prayer (the correct way). By learning that when we do the healing work we can have Heaven right here on Earth. Because I don’t know about you but I sure as “hell” (get it? lol) don’t want to go another lifetime being miserable and unhappy. Nope, I am choosing to live life with my Heaven right here and right now and when my time comes to leave this lifetime I hope to enter the next in a High Vibration! And I wish the same for you!

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