Winning Women Wednesdays! #1

Welcome to Winning Women Wednesdays!

Each week a new feature!
(Been wanting to do this for a while!)

I have so many amazing women in my life and I want to feature them, to share their awesomeness with the world!

Miguelle James @being_elle_james @providence_wellness is a Mental Health Advocate & Practitioner. She is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and is qualified in Psychology with Social Policy Administration. 🪄 She also holds a masters in Human Resource Management and an Executive Diploma in Leadership and Coaching.🪄
Miguelle has worked in the corporate setting  and has an extensive background in various aspects of People Management and Development, including Organisational & Industrial Psychology, group dynamics and Leadership & Performance Coaching.
She currently works in Health & Social Care, at a Care Facility that implements care plans & provides support for people with mental health conditions and their families. She is also the founder of Providence Wellness, an online space dedicated to mental health and psycho education, where she provides individual counselling and life coaching support among other services, to help improve mental wellbeing and trauma healing in others.

She is also a wife, mom of 2 brilliant & energetic boys, stepmom to 2 amazing & talented girls, an artist, a baker and seeker of joy in the everyday life.

Miguelle James

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