Winning Women Wednesday #3

Another University of the West Indies friendship which is has flourished into sisterhood over the past 13years!

Fallon Lutchmansingh @fallonia_the_republic is a scientist and research coordinator. With a Masters in Biochemistry BSc (Biochemistry and Environmental & Natural Resource Management), her clinical and public health research and publications over the last 15 years include: biochemistry, metabolic pathways; health policy, early intervention & screening for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, childhood obesity & COPD. She is currently the Health Research Scientist for the Diabetes in Pregnancy Screening Programme in Trinidad & Tobago.

Fallon is the Founder of PIKO Community. @pikocommunity Wellbeing, a space where she teaches gentle movement & meditation and guides an energy healing practice (qigong). Having completed practical courses on intuitive plant medicine, essential oil therapy and marma point self massage, she often combines these techniques in her sessions. Fallon has over 12 years of training in kung fu, mixed martial arts and qi-gong.

She has tons of experience in street team marketing, promotions & event management in Jamaica & has been the event manager | programming team at Green Screen Environmental Film Festival @greenscreentt since 2011.

A Caribbean woman, mother of beautiful little Sol, a foodie and loves being at the beach or “in the bush”, she is a Carnival baby, & has spent many birthdays since age 5, crossing the Savannah stage.

What I admire most about Fallon is her creativity & her attention to detail. Give her an idea and she can execute it in ways that you never thought imaginable. But most importantly, Fallon has shown up for me and when she shows up, sis SHOWS UP…with curry and pepper sauce in hand.

Whether representing her nation at the United Nations CSW or freeing up her spirit in a ‘dance ‘ Fallon is and will always be a BOSS! 💛

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Fallon Lutchmansingh

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