labajoulogo“Laba jou” means the ‘dawning of the day’ in French Creole, a dialect spoken in the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia where I was born. Dawn signifies renewal, new beginnings, a time to release and let go of all that no longer serves our highest/greatest good and to receive the blessings and abundance this life has for us. Each day we wake up we are presented with an opportunity to be a better version of ourselves and to project our higher selves!  That’s pretty awesome!

I have been blessed with the wonderful gift of being an Empath. It means I have the ability to feel the energy of others which gives me some understanding of what someone is going through. This allows my work as a Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach-Motivator to flow easier but most importantly to help my clients efficiently and effectively.

We are all Spiritual Beings on a journey in this world and my journey has brought me here. I have accepted that my Life Purpose and Soul Mission is to help others find spiritual, physical, emotional, mental peace and to live a whole, happy life.

Join me on this journey and together we can become the best versions of who we really are meant to be!