How to Stay Motivated

Someone recently asked for suggestions on how to keep motivated in a job that she had just been given extra responsibility. She was finding it hard to focus and feel enthusiasm. I thought about it and this is what I came up with. Most humans feel demotivated in many situations. Whether it be in their jobs, personal goals they set or in relationships. On a basic human level, points 1-5 are some basic things we can do. Point 6 goes a little higher!

  1. Examine your “why”. Is it strong enough to keep you going even through the tough, low times? 
  2. You are your number one cheerleader. Sure we can look to others for some inspiration and motivation, but we have to be careful not to create a dependency on outside sources of Motivation, and to an extent validation.
  3. If things do become too overwhelming and you do hit a low, maybe it’s time to retreat, reflect and reset. Just take a break and when you’re in a mental space that allows, go back to your “why” and reset, maybe do things differently. Every “low” moment is an opportunity to see things in a new light and to try something new. 
  4. Pray and Meditate. Again, go within and discover yourself and what you’re really capable of. Repeat affirmations that resonate with your soul, affirmations that you will actually believe.
  5. Find a mentor or a tribe that can truly support you in a healthy way. No codependency, only true self building!
  6. Finally, what I consider to be the most important point, is to realize that when you’re actually feeling demotivated and down, that it is in those moments you have lost connection with your Higher Self. You have forgotten that it is your Higher Self/God that does work(s) through you. Remind yourself of this in that “low” moment of doubt And turn your thoughts and actions over to God. Remind yourself of this each day when you wake up, that each task you undertake is being performed by your higher self, you are just the vessel. Remind yourself that with each situation you face, each conversation you’re going to have will be directed and conducted by your Higher Self. You are never alone. With this knowledge you can never lack confidence in your (true) self and you can keep going, ultimately fulfilling your purpose here in this lifetime!

A Quick Check-In

Wow, what a crazy past few weeks we have been having right?! I mean, who knew? First off, if you have been directly affected by being sick, or someone close to you being sick, or a loss of life, my sincere healing hugs go out to you.  I’m truly sorry you had to go through this.  How are you now?  How is everyone doing?  Are you at home? Are you an Essential Worker? (side note, I do believe that we all are essential workers) But are you one of the many who has had to go face this situation head on? The supermarket employees, the mail/parcel delivery workers, nurses, doctors, the awesome cleaners, and all the other people who go out every day and night to ensure that this world is still functioning. HOW ARE YOU? THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU.

Being at home has been a blessing for me.  I have had so much time to work on new projects, to focus on my spiritual growth and to focus on me.  I can sit here being thankful for this because, luckily I can still pay my bills and not have to worry about my next meal.  My husband still has his full time job (working from home though) and so we do have alot to be thankful for.  And so this is where I recognise that not everyone can say the same.  I saw a news clip yesterday of a long line outside a food bank and I was reminded how there are so many people suffering through this time.  And I know that no matter how much of a positive thinker you are, it becomes a very different situation when you have children to feed or a family who depends on you.

So what can we do collectively to help? I know that some of us still have salaries coming in…some have modified salaries (like me) but we can still help others.  Donate a few cans to your local food bank, donate online to a credible and reputable organisation. If you’re a healer, send healing energy out into the world. And just a a person, every day when we wake up, send out intentions of love to the world.

I know it is a rough time. I know. But I do believe we can get back on track.  We can learn to love and care. We can learn to open our hearts to others. We can learn to realize that no other person is greater than another and that in times like this, ANYONE can fall ill and pass away. We can learn the true meaning of equality.  And when we can finally go out into this world again, we can be assured that it will be a nicer place to enjoy!  This is my hope.

#hope #equality



What is Normal?

Everyone keeps talking about when things get back to normal after this undoubtedly rough, sad, unpredictable period that the entire world is going through. I know we tend to have this need for holding on to what we know and to what is comfortable but maybe we can look at this period as a time for change, a time for going with the flow.  Accepting this for now as our new normal. And understanding that when this period is over it will never be the same as it was before. So many have lost loved ones and so many have lost their jobs and we all (mostly all) have lost a life that we had just maybe 2 weeks ago! So no, things will never get back to “normal”; however things will get better. This too shall pass and soon, one day we will see brighter days.  We will be okay. But in the meantime, take advantage of the introspection, the family time, and the rest days. Stay inside as much as possible and stay safe. I’m looking forward to sharing our new normal life together!

LOVE and LIGHT to each and every one of you.

Let the Petty Things Go

So easily we can let the little things, and big things bother us. I mean hey, we’re human. But it’s important to not hold on to things too much. Grudges, hurt, anger…..we need to acknowledge them, yes but we have to get to a space where we can let it go!

Someone cut you off in traffic? Let it go! That argument you had with your partner/friend? Let it go! The boss ‘did you wrong’ at work? Let it go! The list goes on…….

When you realize how valuable your time is and how big your destiny is, you will gain perspective and realize that all the petty (and not so petty things) you get upset about are so unimportant when compared to your bigger picture…your HIGHER PURPOSE!

Stop wasting your time!

Are you giving your energy to what’s really important?

May you find your purpose and realize how important each second in this life is.

#higherpurpose #time #letitgo #higherfrequency #Perspective

My 2020 Focus

2020 is about 2 words for me: HAPPINESS & RECIPROCITY. Last decade was filled with too much people pleasing, and supporting people/relationships who didn’t do the same for me. So this year, I am focusing on the relationships that value my contribution and that can reciprocate the energy I give. This applies to personal and business relationships. I choose to focus on MY happiness and trust that all that is meant for me and aligned with said happiness will naturally make its way to me. 🙏🙏 #getwiththeprogram