Happy 2020?

Warning: If you have read my previous posts and have gotten used to them being always upbeat and motivating, this one may not come across as such. That’s because today I write with a very heavy heart. A very grateful heart but still heavy.

I don’t know about y’all but there’s alot going on in the world and it’s making me very sad. Maybe it’s the full moon coming up that has me all in the feels but I’m finding it very hard to keep up with social media or to be very chatty with people.  Also, my tolerance for certain complaints and certain behavior is VERY low. Because, well, forests are burning, people are dying, leaders are tossing words of war around in power trips, children are hungry…… It’s just too much going on and it’s causing me to go within (as the true crab/cancer I am) to figure out what part *I* can play to help. Reiki. Prayers. Good intentions. Donations. Raising awareness. Just some of the things we ALL can do…at least one of them. So while we’re out here busy trying to live our “best lives” and making sure we get the right “shot” to prove it, let’s dig a little deeper and show UP for the world instead of showing OFF to the world. 

Here’s to endings and beginnings!

Last days of 2019. End of a decade. It’s being plastered all over that you probably had no choice but to think about it-even just a little.  See, in the past year I have learnt to recognize that life is made up of little moments and I have tried my best to focus on living *in* each moment-in the present-and fully experiencing it. But when there is such a “hype” or collective energy around the end of something and the beginning of something, there is no denying that it becomes a bit powerful. So by all means, if you haven’t done a review of your year and your last decade by now, make some time to do so. Look how far you have come, see what you have accomplished and give thanks for that. Go ahead, list those goals for 2020 and for the next decade. Take a moment to recognize what and who needs to be released and gently release it (or them). Finally take some time to sit in silence to just ground yourself, to get centered, so that as you leave the old energy behind, you are fully prepared and ready for all the new coming your way.  

May the last days of 2019 be kind to you and may 2020 and the next decade be full of wisdom, prosperity, joy, awareness, mindfulness, happiness, laughter and blessings for us all! 

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Holiday Survival Tips

Having trouble navigating through the holiday season? You can make it by being GREAT! Here’s how.


G – Ground and Center (prayer, meditation, breath work)

R-. Rest and Regroup (sleep, time out for self)

E – Exercise (gentle yoga, walking, stretching)

A – Ask for help (reach out and ask friends or family for help-bring a dish, come help, or reach out to a counselor)

T – True to self/ Truthful with others (be honest with yourself and admit that you have taken on too much and let others know what you can and cannot do, what you are and are not willing to do-set boundaries)


And finally, protect your energy!

Ways to do so include:

  • Declaring that you are covered and protected.
  • Asking your guides/guardian angels/God/Spirit to protect your energy as you interact with people on a daily basis.
  • Be mindful of who you let into your space.

You control your life! Remember, if you’re really having a hard time, reach out. There are organizations and people who are willing to help you.

To My Sister

This was written to celebrate the birthday of my best friend who is more like a sister to me. My wish for whoever reads this is that you find someone as awesome as my friend is! Check her site out! http://www.elle-james.com

Stand up straight my sister

Put those shoulders back

Let the world see your face

Because Beauty you do not lack


Take your place my sister

Because you are meant to shine

Bask in the light 

You are part of the Divine


Stand up tall my sister

Yourself you must never doubt

You have everything you need

Both inside and out


So stand with pride my sister

Do what you were meant to do

Because this world will never see

Another one like you

Written by: Connie Hackshaw-Peters



Tis The Season

For many people December is a month of marvel and belief in miracles. It’s usually associated with Joy and Jingling Bells, overindulging in food and drink, and parties.  For alot of people though, this seemingly festive season can bring about feelings of anxiety and sadness and it pretty much makes the season a very tough one.  You see, not everyone has good memories of family or not everyone might even have a family to celebrate with.  So while we’re bombarded with slogans of ‘Tis the season of Family’ we should be mindful that there people out there who might not be experiencing those warm and fuzzy feelings that we might be having. This by no means, is saying that you should dim your Joy but maybe you can spread some Joy in your own way?

We should be reminded also that lots of families who are less fortunate are faced with the societal pressure of providing gifts for each other, when they’re already under so much pressure trying to put a meal on the table day to day.  So maybe if we’re in a position to help anyone in a such a situation,  we can consider doing so this season.  Tis the season of Giving, after all.

For me the Holiday Season has always been my favorite time of year. It hasn’t been all jolly all the time–in fact it’s always been a mixed bag of emotions for me.  However I always choose to keep the feeling of Hope and Faith because after all if there ever is a time to do so it would be during this season.  Right?!

***For those of you who have a really tough time during this time of the year, you are not alone and you don’t need to be alone. There are teams, organizations, healers, caring people in this world to help you get through it. Please reach out to someone.***