I grew up in a house with mother who is in her own right… A shaman. We honour our ancestors and energy work is part of our everyday life. So it was surprising to me when Connie first mentioned reiki I paused. Mostly because I did not fully understand it. Would it work from so far away?

Then I remembered, you dont have to understand healing for it to work. Also this is Connie, if you have the pleasure of meeting her, her spirit will make you so comfortable you’ll try reiki without hesitation.

About my sessions.

The very first session was warm and relaxing. It also brought up for me how much I struggled to “get out of my own head”. During the distance reiki session colour played a big part of my healing session and I could sense Connie’s energy guiding me to allow my energy body to balance itself. My eyes were closed but I would see colours during the session as the energy flowed . I loved that this first session left me more rested and restored just after 15 mins!

The second reiki session I did was paired with angel card readings! The reading was spot on bring up the relationships and friendships in my life. It was a time when I was revisiting how I showed up in these spaces. Holding space for this during reiki was new for me and I am grateful for Connie’s gift and how the cards and reading made sense for me in the coming months.

When my daughter was only 4/5 weeks old Connie guided us through a mama and baby distance reiki session. Yes she does that too! There it was again that healing warmth and beautiful colour therapy as she laid her hands over us. Healing can also bring to the surface that which needs the most healing, sometimes that is uncomfortable. For us postpartum it was about exhaustion, painful latching during breastfeeding and a need for support. It’s not like it all magically disappeared after reiki. Instead how I felt about it started to shift. As I could feel the shadow of it slowly leaving me during the session.

I distinctly remember my heart chakra blossoming and opening up during this session. Being a new mother, the love that I feel for my baby was beyond my own imagination. With my eyes closed, the colours came. Seeing a beautiful green aura between my baby and me. I was amazed when Connie could describe the same experience (colours and all) in our consultation after reiki.

What I like about Connie’s guided sessions is that you welcome both the warm relaxation and the release of uncomfortable bits and somehow end the session feeling better having acknowledged your unfiltered self.


My first time trying Reiki I was a little skeptical because it was something new to me. This is my second session and I love the result and how centered I feel after. Connie has the ability to make you feel very comfortable with her radiant personality. I feel so much more at peace like the clutter has been cleared. Great experience I will be back again for more sessions..


I was so amazed by Connie’s reading, that I was moved to tears (good tears)! I would definitely recommend her Angel Card Reading to everyone looking for clarity! Her reading was so clear and accurate, and everything that came up had a powerful impact on me. I had been overthinking about a certain issue for so many months, and was searching for some sort of clarity so that I could put it behind me and move on with my life. Connie’s reading answered a lot of the questions which kept resurfacing, and directly addressed my biggest concern which was holding me back. I was so comforted, knowing that the Angels were guiding me and this comfort has led me to release my fears and embrace the future.


I recently lost a very important loved one and dear kindred spirit, my cat Sasha, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. Connie and I have been friends for a while, and I mentioned to her that I was taking Sasha to the vet (again) but didn’t tell her that I had decided that it was time to let Sash go. I’m not sure if it was her spirit guides or her intuition or both that made her do it but Connie immediately said that she would meet me there (without me asking), and boy was I glad she did. I can’t begin to convey how comforting Connie was in my time of need, and not just as a friend, but as a reiki healer. There was a very low point where both Sasha and I were panicking (and I was crying hysterically) and Connie was able to calm us both down when she placed her hands on the two of us and gave us both the energy we needed to calm down and accept that this was for the best. I must explain that this was especially comforting because Sasha never liked anyone to touch her for very long (not even when I petted her on her best days), but when Connie channeled that energy she immediately became still and calm and stayed in a way I never had seen her do before. This gave me the courage and reassurance I needed to let her go peacefully and to end the pain she was in with dignity and grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you Labajou Healing. Thank you for being there for the both of us, and giving us the courage, comfort and healing that we both needed in order to make that difficult but necessary next step. I encourage you to try Labajou healing – you won’t be disappointed. The good vibes and energy you receive from a session is very real and can help you improve your life in very tangible ways. Connie is also awesome and will feel like the best friend you didn’t know you had. But don’t take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself.


I am a pretty easy going person and always willing to give something a try at least once. I had never heard about Reiki until Connie mentioned it to me. I had been stressing about life and a very important exam and Connie offered to do distance Reiki with me. We got on the phone and after just a couple minutes I just felt like all my thoughts and stress was just being pulled away from my head. My head got hot and I actually removed the beanie I was wearing and just felt a great bit of stress leaving me. I felt so much more relax after the session and went into the exam a different person and passed it. Connie definitely knows What she is about and I for sure will be doing more Reiki sessions with her. Thank you Connie!!


I was really skeptical at first and hesitant to give it a try but after speaking with Connie extensively and having her share her wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine care made me finally get an understanding of Reiki and allowed me to try it and what a powerful experience it was for me. It gave me a relief from different things primarily stress and a lack of energy. I no longer come home from work exhausted with a tension headache from stressing over everything! Energy seemed to radiate throughout with a healthy enthusiasm, allowing me to be more productive and happier. I’ve now had about 3 sessions with Connie and I can’t be happier with the outcome of all….


Connie is amazing! I have never tried or experienced reiki and especially not distance reiki. I was interested in her services, but I don’t live anywhere near her at the moment, when Connie suggested that she could conduct a session with me remotely I was very open to see how that would go.
We set up a quick Skype call and she took me through relaxing and clearing my head and we began. The reason why she suggested it was because emotionally I was feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. As I lay there in silence with my eyes closed I first felt a sensation of drift/floating as if on water. Then I got a warm to burning sensation in my hands, I actually felt the need to move my hands because they got so hot. After the session, I felt calmer and I also felt the urge to immediately use the bathroom, my bladder was full. Connie let me know that this was normal and that toxins were leaving my body.
I loved how she was supportive even after our session! I have to admit that my hands were energised for the next few days, I am a baker and felt the urge to get creative and get busy with my hands.
It was a great first experience and I would definitely try it again! I am also looking forward to when I can experience reiki in person as well.
Thanks Connie for a wonderful experience, keep up the great work and your caring and nurturing energy.


Experiencing Reiki for the first time I would like to say it was a pleasure and I will be back. I never really understood it until I met Connie. She explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable. During my session I felt that in my body something was happening, like a warm feeling, and also like a weight lifted off my shoulders. She explained to me afterwards a little more about what happened and now I know more about my energy. Thanks to Connie I see a difference so far after my first session.