Connie is amazing! I have never tried or experienced reiki and especially not distance reiki. I was interested in her services, but I don’t live anywhere near her at the moment, when Connie suggested that she could conduct a session with me remotely I was very open to see how that would go.
We set up a quick Skype call and she took me through relaxing and clearing my head and we began. The reason why she suggested it was because emotionally I was feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. As I lay there in silence with my eyes closed I first felt a sensation of drift/floating as if on water. Then I got a warm to burning sensation in my hands, I actually felt the need to move my hands because they got so hot. After the session, I felt calmer and I also felt the urge to immediately use the bathroom, my bladder was full. Connie let me know that this was normal and that toxins were leaving my body.
I loved how she was supportive even after our session! I have to admit that my hands were energised for the next few days, I am a baker and felt the urge to get creative and get busy with my hands.
It was a great first experience and I would definitely try it again! I am also looking forward to when I can experience reiki in person as well.
Thanks Connie for a wonderful experience, keep up the great work and your caring and nurturing energy.