I grew up in a house with mother who is in her own right… A shaman. We honour our ancestors and energy work is part of our everyday life. So it was surprising to me when Connie first mentioned reiki I paused. Mostly because I did not fully understand it. Would it work from so far away?

Then I remembered, you dont have to understand healing for it to work. Also this is Connie, if you have the pleasure of meeting her, her spirit will make you so comfortable you’ll try reiki without hesitation.

About my sessions.

The very first session was warm and relaxing. It also brought up for me how much I struggled to “get out of my own head”. During the distance reiki session colour played a big part of my healing session and I could sense Connie’s energy guiding me to allow my energy body to balance itself. My eyes were closed but I would see colours during the session as the energy flowed . I loved that this first session left me more rested and restored just after 15 mins!

The second reiki session I did was paired with angel card readings! The reading was spot on bring up the relationships and friendships in my life. It was a time when I was revisiting how I showed up in these spaces. Holding space for this during reiki was new for me and I am grateful for Connie’s gift and how the cards and reading made sense for me in the coming months.

When my daughter was only 4/5 weeks old Connie guided us through a mama and baby distance reiki session. Yes she does that too! There it was again that healing warmth and beautiful colour therapy as she laid her hands over us. Healing can also bring to the surface that which needs the most healing, sometimes that is uncomfortable. For us postpartum it was about exhaustion, painful latching during breastfeeding and a need for support. It’s not like it all magically disappeared after reiki. Instead how I felt about it started to shift. As I could feel the shadow of it slowly leaving me during the session.

I distinctly remember my heart chakra blossoming and opening up during this session. Being a new mother, the love that I feel for my baby was beyond my own imagination. With my eyes closed, the colours came. Seeing a beautiful green aura between my baby and me. I was amazed when Connie could describe the same experience (colours and all) in our consultation after reiki.

What I like about Connie’s guided sessions is that you welcome both the warm relaxation and the release of uncomfortable bits and somehow end the session feeling better having acknowledged your unfiltered self.